Breaking down the walls...
between men and God...
between men and women...
between denominations

Welcome to Jericho Ministries!

Our Purpose... is to serve the church by reaching and restoring men and women to authentic Biblical manhood and womanhood to impact their world.

Our Mission... is to help men and women experience reconciliation with God through help them understand the unique difference distinctives of men and women as created by God, to empower them to reach others for Christ.

Our Method... Jericho is a non-denominational ministry offering the following resources:

  • Jericho seminars, and retreats
  • Newsletters
  • Men's and women's small group and personal Bible studies stressing application of Scripture
  • Leadership training and Mentoring
  • Partnership with local churches to help build vital men's and women's ministries.
  • Partnership with other ministries to work together to accomplish the mission.